Crowdy World Cup in Albstadt

31 May

Albstadt, Germany. A lovely area, a hard course and a lot of spectators. I am happy to see that we were 4 riders in the Elite race, 1 in U23 and 3 Juniors.

It was my second time there in the last 3 years. Even thought the last week before this race I had some really bad back pains that hold me up from proper training I went in Germany pretty confident. My friend Alex, who came with me drove most of the time so it wasn’t really bad except waking up Friday at 4:45 AM and arriving near Albstadt at 8:30 PM.

Saturday was my only chance to check the course so I did my best. Dry, hardpack tires weren’t the best choice on the slippery course so I’ve made a change and tried it again in the evening, even if it was scheduled any kind of official training. I guess that we were all lucky because on Sunday the course was almost dry and the conditions improved, having more grip then the day before. Just before the race the backpain started again so I tried to do my best warm up, I’ve used also some creams to make sure that I would not feel the pain so bad. Then, from the gates to the start line…

I was really nervous. Right after the start it was a crash, just in front of me, but I’ve managed to over pass it. Then I was back in the group but being in the back of the race eventually you will stop in a classic “stau”. Everything went pretty well until I’ve crashed in the same corner where Nino Schurter crashed last year in his last lap. The knee was hurting really bad and I’ve lost a few positions, can’t remember exactly how many but I couldn’t hold the pace anymore. But I knew I will not quit and push as hard as I can to do as many laps as possible. If in 2014 I’ve managed to do 2 laps, now I’ve made 2 laps and the start loop. It’s a small improvement but I know that I could have done more. Finishing 139th isn’t a performance but it’s a great experience that I am honored I’ve had it.

Racing with all the legends of this sport, having the chance to learn a few from the real pro’s, just being there is a big honor.

I will do my best, train harder and try to have better results in the upcoming races. It’s not easy but I am confident. Now I just need a few days off, to recover and fix the back pain problems, then I will start all over again.

Many thanks to Larry who made his mojo on my Lefty and tuned it. It feels much better now and also to the Cannondale Factory team who are always hospitable and really down to earth. (don’t worry guys, the results will come eventually!)

Also many thanks to Alex who came with me, was a great GT driver, a great support before, during and after the race.

Family is also very supportive, especially my wife who understands me all the time. Thank you dear.

Last but not least to my sponsors who are next to me in good and worst.

I don’t wanna forget Simon J. and everyone else who cheered me during the race. The crowd was “insane” and pushed me when I thought I can’t do it anymore.

See ya soon. Cheers,






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