Season start: Doja CX

28 Mar

The season already started. I feel lucky and blessed to race again but also to continue my charity project. I have around a beautiful family and some great people and friends.

My first race was the Doja CX. I think that was the first cyclocross race in Romania this year but as we were allowed to race mountainbikes and being close to home I said that I can go with Marius M. and check our shape. Not really technical course but had some specific “obstacles”. I wasn’t really used to jump off-on the bike so I’ve lost precious seconds here, finishing 3rd, pretty close to 2nd place. Although a fast race and a good test.

Soon more news will come, just wait a bit.

Until then, many thanks to everyone involved in this, family, sponsors, supporters, friends. Your support means a lot.




Photo credit: Czirjak Andris

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