20 Oct

MoonTimeBike was a race proposed in my schedule for a long time but always something occurred and couldn’t make it. But this season something changed and I’ve managed to get there.

I didn’t knew what to expect from the course and that we were racing in the night. I’ve managed to do only one lap but it was a bit unknown for me.

The start was fast and crowded on a long straight tarmac line, but afterwards situation changed a bit. The previous days rain made the paths a bit slippery especially the offcamber sections and the wet leafs. Also 140 riders or so at the start line wasn’t a small number. I was starting to catch riders after two laps and I was kinda feeling like in the World Cup, the difference being that now I was reaching others instead.

I tried to set a steady pace. I was feeling pretty good on the short and relatively steep climbs but I had no power on the flat sections, that were pretty long though. As the night was falling the course got more difficult but in the end it turned up pretty good.

Was nice to see more spectators than usual for a cycling race so many thanks to every single one who cheered.

10th at Elite and 12th Overall is a decent result at the end of the racing season. Now I will recover a bit, set up the plan for the next season and start the preparations.

Last but not least I would like to thank my wife for being next to me and helping at the feedzone, it’s always motivating, to the guys from Extreme Riders (Romanian Cannondale Distributor) for setting up the booth in the start/finish area and for their whole support before, during and after the race. It’s so good to have a team behind you.

Also many thanks to the rest of my sponsors for making this possible, your support is really important.

In the end congratulations once again to NoMad Team for organizing really nice this event. I will come back next year too.

Look forward to race soon.



PS. Don’t forget about that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am trying to raise some funds. More info right HERE.



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