Short recap of the season

17 Dec

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since the last race report. It didn’t happened to much since then.

I had a tough but nice season. I had the chance to travel a lot, meet new people and old friends. I’ve started building the new pink charity Cannondale. I had a great support from them as usual, the custom F29 framset being easily spotted. I also got my first custom “Good Fight” equipment to fit the bike and the cause.

Enduro races were another step in my racing activity, something that was fun but also very competitive, helpful for the XCO events.

The World Cup from Nove Mesto was a tradition that I hope to continue next season too. The one from Albstadt was something new but I’ve also enjoyed it. The cherry on top was the World Championship from Hafjell, where I’ve continued the race even if I broke my hand in the second lap and even if that was my last race of the season.

I hope that all the “legal” things regarding the Romanian Cycling Federation will sort out finally and riders won’t be affected anymore.

After the incident in Norway I had to rest my self and to regain the strength and the power to prepare the next season. Everything seems to be good now, I am enjoying riding the bike again. That’s the first step. But more will come. I will prepare the bike for auction and we will try to save someone else’s life.

For all the support I would to thank my sponsors: Imprezzio Global, Cannondale, Extreme Riders Distribution, Ashima, Tune, Sram, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Xpedo, Grip Grab, Cratoni, Restwise, SKS Germany, KoolStop, Trucker Co and VDO. I will continue for the next season with most of them and other will join the crew, which is more than a positive thing for the whole movement.

I will also continue my charity project and will do my best to help people who need help but often they can’t ask it for several reasons. I’ll do my best in this matter too.

Also I would like to thank my family: Simona and my dad for being next to me and supporting me all the time but also to every single one involved. I won’t mention names, because I don’t want to forget someone, but you know who you are.

A few weeks ago I’ve started the preparation for the 2015 season and everything is going as planned. Big improvements are visible already and this pushes me to pass my limits.

See ya soon. Cheers,



Photo: Mihai Udvar

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