Brasov XCM

26 Jun

Finally I get some time, due to the bad weather to write about the first race from the series called Triada MTB. This one was like last year at Brasov. As usual I’ve raced the short distance, because is closer to a XCO race, at least the duration of the race.

I knew that the course isn’t really easy, especially the first climb, which was the longest, from Brasov to Poiana Brasov. Then the other difficult part was the last descent, but at least there I knew that I can get some time back.

After we got out of Brasov and entered the path, the race was on. I tried to find a steady pace and kept following Arpad Kelemen, until the last km, where I’ve made a small mistake and lost a few seconds. Then, my ex team mate Tudor Radu came and we continued together for a period of time.


I’ve felt that everything is going better than last year until the flat section from Poiana Brasov where I couldn’t keep a high speed even though my legs and lungs where fine. After trying to push harder everything came back to normal on the last descent because I was feeling pretty confident. On the way down I’ve passed a few riders and got in Stefan Morcov, aka Basso rear wheel. I’ve continued with him, until the last km where he pushed harder. The path was pretty narrow so I didn’t risk to pass him until the last 200m where I’ve sprinted and finished ahead.

The final result was 4th at Elite and Overall. Not quite happy with it but a good training and good test. I was 10 minutes faster than last year but seems that I am not the only one improving the times.


After the race, I’ve noticed that I almost had a flat. I saw a lot of sealant on my seatpost, seattube and pants. But it looks that I had a good sealant and the cut wasn’t too big so I didn’t had to use my SKS Airchamp. I hope that I won’t try it during a race.

Now I am trying to recover from the week end crash and prepare for the upcoming races.

Many thanks to my family for the support. Having Simona next to me was an extra motivation for me.


Also I would like to say a big thank you to my sponsors, they make this possible.

I had a good time in Brasov and hopefully there will be more races here as the area is stunning.

More photo right HERE.


Catch ya’ soon. Cheers,



Photo credits: Catalin N, Simona B.

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