Nove Mesto – hat trick

28 May

The World Cup racing for me is something special. Not because the results, or the performances because I know that I won’t be in the first group of rider but for everything else.


This was the third time in a row for me to participate at this event in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic). It’s one of the most technical courses I’ve ever been and for sure you can learn a lot. I would recommend to everyone to come and just see how the top riders are performing because is pretty close to Romania (around 850km from Cluj).

I’ve arrived with Voicu on Thursday evening, got our room and prepared for the upcoming days.

On Friday, I got the race number and went on the course. It was a bit longer but had all the previous technical sections: BMX, Rubena Choice, Expert Climb 1&2, Rock’n’Roll, AC/DC, Vertical Drop.


I was nervous because you don’t see this kind of courses in Romania (the one from Paltinis is on the right way but not close yet) and like this you can not train in similar conditions. But to be honest the training on the trails near Cluj helped a lot !

Anyway, after the training and a short photo session we were almost ready for the Sunday race. But before this Larry from Cannondale, tuned my Lefty just a little bit so I could be in control on descends or uphills. I’m really happy and grateful to have a professional support at this kind of races.


Sunday was here and I started to feel nervous. Thousands of spectators in Vysocina Arena, great atmosphere. There were also a few Romanians to see what a World Cup means and I bet that they now understand that it needs a lot of sacrifices and other things to get closer to that level.


The race was on. It started really fast but it jammed at Expert Climb 2 and after that at AC/DC. I’ve lost there precious seconds (around 30 at least) but then I’ve pushed it as hard as possible. I’ve passed a few guys, I didn’t made any stupid mistakes and didn’t crashed even if I was pretty close a few times.

Finally I’ve finished on 130, out of 152 starting riders. The other two guys from Romania, Tudi Oprea finished on 101 and Lucian Logigan on 118.

You can watch the replay of the race right HERE.



I am also in the highlights from Redbull and UCI at the 31st second.


Next race will be Albstadt, but until then I had some great time visiting the Tune factory and having some great rides in the Black Forest !

Will keep you updated. Please stay tuned and watch the World Cup in Albstadt this Sunday on

Many thanks to my sponsors and partners for making this Eurotrip possible ! Your support means a lot

More photos soon. I promise.




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