Crazy weather @ Oradea XCO

4 Jun

A few guys from Oradea started a new local championship with 3 stages. If I didn’t participated at the first one, this time I told myself that I should give a try. Got there in the morning of the race with Simona and I had a quick look at the course.

A lot of single trail, narrow pats and sharp turns. The combination between the narrow pats and the sharp turns wasn’t the best choice, no matter the size of the wheel.

So the race started. We had 7 laps but for the first 3 of them I couldn’t find a comfortable pace, I guess that the problem was the warm-up but in the next few days I will try to find out. In the 4th and 5th lap things were getting better but I was still in the 3rd position behind my team mate Eli and my ex-team mate Tudor. Then a heavy rain started. The last to laps were horrible. Lucky me, I’ve decided to run the Conti X-King tires and it was a a good choice. I had enough grip and good clearance. I tried to push on the descends like on a dry course but I crashed twice without any consequences.

So I’ve finished 3rd and now the only thing left is to train harder.

The bike was awesome on dry but also on wet, the tires were the best choice, and the Sram X.0 with Type 2 Rd and 1 chainring worked flawlessly.

Thanks to Simona for being next to me at almost every race, cheering me up and taking photos. Many thanks for the more photos to the guys from VeloSport Oradea and Andris. More of them can be seen HERE.

Major thanks also to my sponsors and partners for all the help. You guys rock!




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