Maros Bike Marathon

6 Oct

This was the last major race for me. From now on the season is almost over even though I still have a few races left.

Even though Monday I had some stomach problems and I was feeling pretty week I knew that I can do a good race.

I was in still at the short distance: 50km with +1600m of climbing. I had a preview of the course the week before so I knew potholes and all the gnarly sections and some other information needed for a well prepared race.

Got at Gilau early in the morning where I saw that I have a custom pink plate number (thanks Eli and Paul for this) and also I was on the cover of the race map. Pretty stocked and honored in the same time !

I had a good warm up and I was ready. Had a good start and I was feeling just fine. First climb was always hard and everyone was trying to get in the front. I was keeping a steady and confident pace. After almost one hour I’ve started to descend. I was passing riders and I was confident. After a quick creek pass “climbing mode” was on again. I had to do some push bike just to avoid the energy loss. The second climb was “checked” and the hardest descents were in front of me. There I had more than 5 riders (I assume there were 8 or 10) and I passed all of them. I risked a lot and it worth it. At the second feeding point I was 3rd, but right after disaster stroke (again).

I started having some terrible cramps. That was so painful. Even if I tried to stay mentally strong and focused I couldn’t push harder. From there on I just struggled to finish the race. Finally I was 6th at my age cat. and I wasn’t happy at all. I can say that I was really disappointed. Seems that the pink number plate wasn’t enough.

Even though it was hard and was one of my worst race ever I hope that better days will come. I will try to rest for a few weeks and recover after a long and hard but beautiful season and start to prepare for the next one.

Thanks a lot to Florian Raducanu and Mura Istvan for the photos ! More you can find HERE.

And once again I can not finish this race report with the special thanks to all my sponsors and partners: Maros BikeCannondale BicylesAshimaContinentalSapim SpokesAdidas EyewearCratoniTuneXpedoGrip GrabSramRestwiseJoe’s No FlatsKool and  VDO.

I am also preparing for to sell on auction my pink Cannondale Flash so if you know Romanian foundations that are treating or helping the persons who have breast cancer let me know. I have a list so far and I wanna decide where it’s better for the money to go. Any tips are welcomed !

I will miss this bike and I hope that for the next season I will continue this charity program as now I have much more support from the sponsors, friends, local community and other riders. This means a lot for me. Anyway I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for reading. Cheers,


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