Eliminatour in Hungary

6 Oct

Sometimes I find really hard my inspiration and that is why I am writing you this time later my race reports.  But I have to do it !

So September 22nd, was the last stage for the Eliminatour XCE in Hungary. For my team mate this was the 3rd XCE race and for me was the 2nd. The course was in Budapest near the US Embassy. It was almost flat course, but it had some lugs that had to be  jumped and and interesting thing was that we were entering in a parking lot and that was pretty cool.

The only thing that I was nervous about was the start. It was hard to find my balance when the guys where holding my saddle. When I was by myself was ok, but during the time trial and first stage was awful.

I had a bad start for the time trial and I’ve qualified only 16th. I was “lucky” enough for the first eliminator stage to race with Miha Halzer the XCE vice world champion. Once again I had some problems and the start was pretty slow, when I get back to the rest of the guys at a jump the chain felt off the chainring and once again I’ve lost around 100m which was HUGE.

Finally I was 3rd in this round and I was out. Overall finished 22nd (Tudor finished 7th). I was frustrated because I was faster than this but this is the XCE. Now I can understand 4X riders somehow… Anyway, with this bad result my girlfriend Simona was beside me. Also I am happy that I didn’t crashed, because I saw some guys that needed a trip with the ambulance.

Next time I think that I will prepare the bike exclusively for this kind of events to eliminate other predictable problems and I will train much more for the start.

And once again I can not finish this race report with the special thanks to all my sponsors and partners: Maros BikeCannondale BicylesAshimaContinentalSapim SpokesAdidas EyewearCratoniTuneXpedoGrip GrabSramRestwiseJoe’s No FlatsKool StopTruckerCoLight-Bikes.ro and  VDO.

Also many thanks to Csaba, one of the organizers that helped us during our visit to Budapest!

More photos are available here (once again thanks Simona)

Stay tuned because I will post the race report for the Maros Marathon.




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