Salcano MTB Cup – Novi Sad, Serbia

4 Apr

Hi again folks,

As I’ve promised I am writing down the second race report. This time is for an international race, to be more precise near Novi Sad in Serbia for a UCI C2. More than 500km on the road wasn’t easy.

We arrived there, eat something fast and light and got on the bikes to check the course. There was the first time this year when I’ve felt that it was spring for real – the trees were smelling awesome. I’ve missed that. 20C and sunny – perfect conditions for biking. We’ve discovered a fast track with only a few technical zones that wasn’t in my advantage.

After checking a few lines we tried and found the hostel where we had a reservation. Before that a short stop near the Danube to get some photos and feel the fine sand. There we couldn’t keep the bikes in the room because of the, so called, “manager” and it was pretty stressful because the man was a bit weird. I got in bed pretty soon but I couldn’t sleep to well because of the background noise. Alarms, Tv outside our room, cars cleaning the square near our place, beds that were creaking when you were moving.

We woke up, had the first breakfast got the bags and the bikes in the van and went to the course. After we got our race numbers we had the second breakfast and started to prepare for the race.

The start was pretty late but it was pretty good for me. I had a good rhythm but as I am a little behind with the training program because the nasty weather that we had in Romania and didn’t had the chance to do some power training was pretty hard to force on the hills. Anyway I was pretty fast on the descends and flat section. Finished 22nd, somewhere bellow the middle of the list. I felt better than on the previous race and I hope that with the upcoming race to be even faster.

For being able to ride with my team at this race I would like to say thank you to MarosSport for supporting us and to the rest of my personal sponsors for the support.

I look forward to race at Maros XCO Cup, another UCI race, but a C1. Good riders will be here, including some national teams. I know that I won’t be able to get any points but I try to make a good race on my new custom Cannondale Flash. It’s a bit different from the bike I’ve raced last season so I have to get use to it. For being able to ride on Focus in 2011 I would like to thank again to MarosSport for the support. Was great but I am and will be a Cannondale fan. Don’t worry, I am in the same team with the same riders and the dealer for Cannondale is the same.

More photos can be found HERE.

Thanks for reading !


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