First race of the year – Clujul Pedaleaza

4 Apr

Hey everyone,

Finally I am writing my first race report this year. The race took place in Cluj, as the first stage of “Clujul Pedaleaza” championship on the 25th of March – so once again I am coming back late with the report.

The good weather got over 300 riders, from little kids to grand parents, even if this was an XCO race.

Me along with my team mates attended the “Elite UCI” cathegory even if this wasn’t a proper UCI race, but I’m glad that they introduced a technical descend that I’ve found during the week training with my team mate Eli. That was the part of the track that I’ve enjoyed most during the race.

I’ve started to have problems even before the start as it was delayed more than one hour, having so many riders to register,  so all the warm up was useless. After the first climb I’ve felt my first cramps. Although I have not yet begun intervals, having a big pulse got me out of my rhythm pretty soon.

The track wasn’t technical expect that descend so it wasn’t my favorite one, but I can say that was a good test race and now I know what I should do to improve my fitness. I didn’t had any other technical problems, even though I am waiting some small bits to finish my new “rocket”. And I hope that for next races the guys from “Clujul Pedaleaza” will have a better time management. This is the only thing that they have to improve as they are promoting really good what they are doing and I really appreciate their efforts.

I’ve finished 5th after all, my team mate Tudor was 2nd, Eli 4th and Zoli 6th.  Now I am looking forward to see if I will evolve in the future races.

I would like to thank my girlfriend for the most photos and for cheering me up, but also to all my sponsors for supporting  me!

You can see more photos right HERE.

Thank you everyone for reading.




PS. Later you can see the report for the last race from Serbia, Novi Sad.

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