Stubalpen Marathon – Austria

11 Sep

Now you will understand me that I comming back so late with my race report, I had yesterday (Friday) an exam and I tried to learn and I had also some luck.

Anyway, going to Eurobike we thought that we should race when we come back, even if are pretty tired, because I don’t have everyday the occasion and the chance to race in Austria.

So after Eurobike, we went near Graz, to Maria Lankovitz (the name of the city or village). After eating in the middle of the highway due to a blocage we arrived there and registered (the guys from the registration office were a bit amazed that we really arrived there :-)) )

After that we’ve mounted our tent, I’ve prepared dinner (of course, pasta) and we tried to sleep.

Next morning at 9:30 was the start, a damn fast one. The most important riders and were at the medium distance, where we were racing too. Even if it was a small race, it didn’t matter, we tried to do our best. First climb was really hard and I tried to keep in front but was pretty hard as I was still felling my legs tired, After the first feeding point a short, fast and dangerous descend was in front of me. I’ve reached there around 6 riders, but I didn’t knew what was expecting me a really long a hard climb on a road. After the first km I was reached by 4 riders and I tried to keep really close to them. I’ve managed and I walso let them in front of me on the following downhill as it was really dangerous, rocky and really wet. When I had my chance I’ve passed some of them and pushed as hard as possible.

We had also a short push-bike zone and after that the last descend. Near the golf field I knew the course and I’ve push it to the limit so the 35km were finished after 1h46minutes, on the 12th place. Eli finished on 14th place, so congrats to him, to the organizers and the rest of riders as the race was better managed than any other Romanian Marathon.

Another thing that you can’t see here are the crowds that are cheering you, no matter who you are, but that’s Austria and we are here in Romania. Hopefully things will change and we will grow up.

I was happy with my run, considering all the fatigue from the Eurobike.

Now I am preparing for the Maros MTB Marathon, my home marathon, my major goal is to get a better time than the last year. But ’till then we still have 2 weeks so I try to prepare wisely.

Thanks again to to Maros Sport for all the support but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe’s No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Kool Stop, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

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