National Champs

25 Jul

I am coming back with the story , it’s true, a week after the race.

What can I say? We were used to the race course from the last 2 years, but this year due to some problems in my family it was a bit more difficult for me to stay focused on the race. We got there Friday evening so Saturday we had a lot of time to see the course. It wasn’t like that because after a short time we saw that almost nothing was modified, so we got back to our rooms and got a good nap.

Before we noticed it was Sunday and was time to race. It was getting really hot as it was sunny and no clouds on the sky, only the morning fog. I was very nervous and I tried to get warmed up until the start but I couldn’t get the shape I want it.

So I had a pretty slow start, but I told my self that I have to run for 7 laps so I have enough time to go faster.

It was so hot outside that I thought that was hell on Earth. At the end of the race some clouds appeared on the sky but was a bit too late.

I got 5th at Men Elite, one place behind one of my team mates, Eli and 8th at general. I also got 35 UCI points so I am pleased. It’s true that I could have done more, but due to all the things that happened lately I must say that it’s ok.

Now I’ll wait the last race for the Romanian Gran Prix and I hope to get in top 5.

I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport for making this trip possible but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe’s No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

More photos HERE

See ya soon

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