Conti Sport Contact – my new road tire

25 Jun

After training 2 years with my Conti CityRide on the roads, sometimes even offroad, I thought that now is the proper time to change them. So I said: let’s give a try to Conti SportContact. Like the CityRide, the SportContact has puncture protection, and it turns any bike into a racer.

I have the 26″ version witch is suitable also for bike messengers, but there is a 700C line for any fitness bike to be transformed into a speed frenzy. The tire has an extremely fine and stronc carcasss plies, Safety System puncture protection and some of them also have reflector strips.

After the first rides with the new model I must say that I am really happy with it and makes me a real pleasure to train on the road or travel on the bike when I have to go downtown.


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