2 in 1

26 Apr

… meaning 2 races in 1 post.

I am coming back, posting on my blog, after a short break. I was so busy and tired that I didn’t found the necessary time and mood to inform you about my latest… let’s say: actions.
Due to some medical and family issues I’ve training only about 60-65% as planned and I am still feeling week, but I try to catch up and be strong in the races that will come, but I wanna see the positive part and stay optimistic and that’s the only way to be successful.
Now, let’s talk about the races.
On 18th of April me and my team mates went in Hungary, well to the Slovak border to race at Balassagyarmat in the Hungarian Cup a UCI C2 Race. As we didn’t had a car, I took my dad’s car. Like the Flintstones we managed to get there somehow even if in the last 50 km was really difficult as the road was very twisty and there were a lot of animals. The course was in Slovakia, and for me was fun to pass the border several times on the bike that days.

The course was really difficult. Even if I like more the descends there were hard and gnarly but suited well for my Cannondale Scalpel. After driving from Romania to Hungary, I was tired, as I am not used to drive so much and I didn’t catch up with the sleep, this being a major factor.

The races also started really late, as they had a lot of categories. I had a bad start and I’ve planned to do my race to finish it. The temperatures were pretty high so I was drinking a lot of water. Almost half lap I was without any liquid and that caused me some cramps, loosing some time in last lap. I’ve finished 24th (52 general ranking)at Men Elite, Tudor on 22 and Eli on 17th. Oli had a flat in 1st lap and he quit the race.

I was not pleased with the result, but with all the factors involved in my training program I must admit that was fine.

I was so tired after this race but I had to drive back home. From Oradea I let Tudor to take us home as I was exhausted.

After the race in Hungary we had to prepare for the FIRST UCI Race in my hometown, Cluj Napoca. Race sponsored and organized by Maros Sport. Eli, my team mate did almost everything. He did and extraterestrial effort to make it big. And he did it ! I also wanna apologize to him that I didn’t had the time to help him more than I did. Was nice that we had an article on Cyclingnews.com and on Freecaster.tv

We also had tunned team car and new equipment 😀

I was very excited as it was the first important race after a long time. I had a lot of friends on the course cheering me up, including my girl friend. Obviously ALWAYS of people who only think that they know everything. And I’m not the only one who noticed these things.

Anyway, I had a great feeling to hear a lot of people cheering me up, I even got a new nick name: Vladone :-))

First 3 laps went really nice, I was feeling really well and really strong, but in the 4th lap I started to had a stocmach ache and I couldn’t push it anymore. I’ve finished 14th overall and as far as I know 11th at Men Elite. My team mate Eli was 11th, so close to the UCI points, Tudor was 13th and Oli didn’t finish due to some problems. I had an advantage running home that I could set up the bike well.

I hope that on the next races I’ll do better and improuve my performances because right now the only one to blame for the results it’s me. I have probably the best bike in the world, which didn’t caused me any troubles running really really well. I would really like that all the races to be like this one.

Once again congratulations to the riders, to Eli and Tudor Maros for making this possible, to my girlfriend who came tu support me, to all the specators who cheered me up, to Mr. Zsigo for helping us at the feed zone and to all my sponsors: Maros Sport, Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe’s No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

Next race will be at Budapest, on the 1st of May.

See ya soon.

PS. I will update the photo gallery soon and let you know

Later edit:Untill you will see more photos with the new equipment I will post a photo with it to see how it looks. Hope you like it, even if it still needs to be ‘tunned’ a bit

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