Another charity auction in the books

13 Aug

Another year, another pink bike, another charity. I am happy and proud of what I have achieved during all these years. Riding pink bikes, pink equipment, raising awareness means a lot mostly because I am trying to influence people to be more careful with their health. If we are healthy we can achieve a lot […]

Herneacova XCO – the wasps nest

7 Aug


This was the first race for me after the National Championships and the feelings are good. On Saturday with George we started a 5h car trip from Cluj to Herneacova, a village near Timisoara where on Sunday was a UCI C2 race. Traffic jams, too many cars on the road, too hot outsite, but we’ve […]

XCO National Championships

1 Aug


After a two years when the National Championships were in Deva and Zarnesti, this year we came back to Paltinis to race on one of the most difficult courses, both technical and physical. I had a a huge pressure on my shoulders especially because I want it to do good result and also because I […]

Get fit with Garmin

27 Jun


Get fit with Garmin is a local event, powered and promoted by Garmin, one of my great sponsors. It was the second edition and the goal of the event was to promote a healthy life style for both children and their parents with a lot of activities: running, both individual and family, biking, this time […]

Road race? On CX Bike!

27 Jun


I am trying to get back on track with the race reports so here is the short story of my first road race… on my cyclocross bike. Why not? Because the race was in Cluj, it was a circuit and it would was just good to finish a hard training week. I know I was […]